Our School

St. Jean de Brebeuf Catholic High School is a Learning Community called to educate the mind and nurture the soul with Jesus Christ as inspiration.  Success in academics, development of character, and dedication to service will be achieved with support from the home, Church, and school.

St. Jean de Brebeuf CHS Founding Principles

St. Jean de Brebeuf Catholic High School is a unique Catholic learning community where the primary focus is on personal growth and academic success in the context of quality education. Our Catholic learning community is founded on four principles:

  • Student Success
  • Learning as a Focus
  • Catholic Character Development
  • Collaborative Catholic Education

St. Jean de Brebeuf CHS Catholic Graduate Outcomes

The ultimate goal of the educational thrust at St. Jean de Brebeuf Catholic High School is to develop the mind and also to nurture the soul of our students. Our graduates will attain the skills and knowledge needed for success in post-secondary study and employment in our technological society. Equally important, our graduates will have the “character” of a Catholic citizen with an understanding of values, attitudes, morals and duty expected of our young catholic adults.

The expectations of a graduate of St. Jean de Brebeuf are summarized as follows:

  • A student who is successful academically;
  • A discerning believer formed in the Catholic Faith community who celebrates the signs and sacred mystery of God’s presence through word, sacrament, prayer, forgiveness, reflection and moral living;
  • An effective communicator, who speaks, writes and listens honestly and sensitively, responding critically in light of gospel values;
  • A reflective, creative and holistic thinker who solves problems and makes responsible decisions with an informed moral conscience for the common good;
  • A self-directed, responsible, lifelong learner who develops and demonstrates his/her God-given potential;
  • A collaborative contributor who finds meaning, dignity and vocation in work which respects the rights of all and contributes to the common good;
  • A caring family member who attends to the needs of family, school, parish, and the wider community; and
  • A responsible citizen who gives witness to Catholic social teaching by promoting peace, justice and sacredness of human life.

Cross Disciplinary Focus

St. Jean de Brebeuf Catholic High School will endeavour to identify the core knowledge, skills and attitudes that all secondary school graduates are expected to have to succeed in the world of work or post-secondary education. These outcomes are summarized under the headings of Literacy, Numeracy, Research Methodologies, Critical Thinking, Personal Life Management, Citizenship, Global Perspectives and Technological Competence.

Equal Education Opportunity

The policy of the Government of Ontario on multiculturalism and race relations requires schools to have programs, policies and services that help prepare all students to live in a multicultural and multiracial society. Our school is committed to establishing an environment free of sex role stereotyping or any other prejudices which may limit the development of the individual student. Provision is made for the individual, cultural, emotional and spiritual needs of students and helpful guidance is given concerning varying needs and future education.