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Congrats are in order…

Students in the IDC4U1 (Financial Securities) came in 3rd place in the Nipissing Stock Market Competition. Congrats go to Konrad, Jordan & Fernando & Ms. Murphy

130 schools & 5175 students took part in the competition with a prize of a $500 scholarship to Nipissing University.

Peer Ministry kicking off the 2017 Pyjama Drive

The Christmas season is upon us and we’re given the gift of creating memories that help put smiles on our faces throughout the rest of the year.  While it’s easy to get lost in the merriment of the season, we have to remember that there are families in need who appreciate the generosity and care of those who are able to help.  What a wonderful ... Continue reading "Peer Ministry kicking off the 2017 Pyjama Drive"