Exam Preparation and Supporting Mental Wellness

Students! With exams just around the corner, we wanted to ensure that you had some useful tools and strategies to help keep your stress and exam-related anxieties in check. Check out the links below for some excellent resources, courtesy of School Mental Health Ontario:

Challenge Your Thinking

Balanced Thought

Strategies to Perfom Your Best ... Continue reading "Exam Preparation and Supporting Mental Wellness"

PEDICULOSIS (Head Lice) Exposure

The York Catholic District School Board recognizes concerns related to pediculosis (head lice) at the school and community level. Pediculosis (head lice) are not a public hazard, as they do not cause illness, but they are a nuisance.

To prevent pediculosis (head lice) from becoming a problem at our school we all need to work together. Please check your child’s head on a ... Continue reading "PEDICULOSIS (Head Lice) Exposure"