Month: June 2022

Happy Summer Black Bears!

It’s hard to believe that the school has come its official close and what a year it has been! We were so pleased to be able to welcome students and staff back to in-person learning and revitalize many of the much-loved activities that enrich the learning experience of students.

Please make note of the following dates:

Year in Review: YCDSB Board of Trustees

We thank the Board of Trustees for their continued support of our schools and ongoing advocacy of Catholic education. In particular, we extend our gratitude to Vice Chair and Trustee Marchese for her support of the St. Jean de Brebeuf community.

St. Jean de Brebeuf Land Acknowledgement

We are proud to share our school’s Land Acknowledgement. It will be recited at the beginning of each week, as well as special events. Please explore the various embedded links to learn more about the greater context of the statement. We extend our sincere thanks to Mim Harder who worked closely with our committee to develop this statement of our commitment to Truth and Reconciliation. ... Continue reading "St. Jean de Brebeuf Land Acknowledgement"

eLearning at St. Jean de Brebeuf in 2022/2023

As a follow-up to the YCDSB communication regarding the new eLearning requirement for next year’s Grades 9, 10 and 11 students, please advised that we will be piloting two classes at St. Jean de Brebeuf. One section of Grade 10 Civics and Careers and one section of Grade 11 Environmental Science were selected. The placement of students in those sections was ... Continue reading "eLearning at St. Jean de Brebeuf in 2022/2023"

2022 YSCPC Awards

All 2022 YSCPC Award winners, along with family and friends, are invited to watch this year’s ceremony, starting at 6:30pm at this livestream link:

Following the ceremony, a list of  this year’s recipients will be shared with the St. Jean de Brebeuf community. Congratulations to all!