2023/2024 Course Selection and Student Activity Fee

While we have just begun a new semester, we are simultaneously planning ahead for the 2023/2024 school year. The course selection process is underway! Students received grade-level presentation from the Guidance Department that were tailored for each grade level. Those presentations were posted on the Guidance Deparment website.  Please view the material to become familiar with course selection process and the various requirements. Students are encouraged  to connect with their respective Guidance Counsellor should they have any questions about their course pathways.

In addition, as has been the past practice alongside the course selection process,  we begin the collection of the 2023/2024 Student Activity Fee. The Student Activity Fee is the primary source of school-based fundraising that allows for the subsidizing of various special events and initiatives that are for all students. Please view the breakdown here.

We greatly appreciate the support of the community in being able to provide guest speakers, workshops, student recognition events and enriched experiences for co-curricular activities. The Student Activity Fee can be paid via School Day, the cashless school platform. If you need assistance with logging in or require your match key, please contact the school and we are happy to assist.

When you log onto School Day, you will also notice that you can place your order for the 2023/2024 yearbook. As communicated previously, we only order yearbooks based on actual purchases. We do not order extra copies for purchases to made at a later date.

As always, we remain grateful for the support of the St. Jean de Brebeuf community!